Our Story/Team

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New Deal Studios is a 21st Century Creative Studio known for creating Visual Effects for such films as the DARK KNIGHT series, HUGO, THE AVENGERS, SHUTTER ISLAND, INCEPTION, and the current hit film INTERSTELLAR.

New Deal Studios has evolved over the past 20 years, expanding beyond visual effects into a streamlined content house with in-house writer/directors and producers to create narrative content including feature films, episodics, and cinematic virtual reality experiences.


Ian Hunter - Co-Founder / Creative Director

Ian Hunter has established himself as a visionary storyteller in the field of motion picture visual effects and production, winning numerous awards for his work in both features and commercials.

Bringing his unique style and creative vision to each of his projects, Hunter has won several VES Awards for his work including sequences in THE DARK KNIGHT and INCEPTION.  He was recently a visual effect supervisor on the film INTERSTELLAR. 

Hunter’s directorial debut was the award-winning horror short “Allure”, Two national Subway commercials followed. Hunter is also a member of the Visual Effects Society & the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and a Co-Founder of New Deal Studios. Ever the creator, Ian deftly parlays his experience in visual effects and film design into the cutting edge virtual reality world.


Matthew Gratzner - Co-Founder / Creative Director

Matthew is widely respected within the entertainment industry for his artistry and business acumen — a rare pairing of skills. Best known for feature-film visual effects work, he is now writing, directing and producing.

Currently he is finishing post on two films in the western series, HOT BATH AN' A STIFF DRINK.  He is also attached to direct and produce a big-screen adaptation of the 1970’s English TV series, UFO.

As a Visual Effects Supervisor and co-founder of New Deal Studios, Matthew received an Emmy nomination for his work on the Tom Hanks/HBO miniseries “From the Earth to the Moon” and a BAFTA nomination for best visual effects for THE AVIATOR. 


Shannon Gans - Co-Founder / CEO

As Co-founder and CEO of New Deal Studios, a dynamic 21st Century visual effects and Media Studio, Shannon started her career with 2 projects and 2 partners straight out of the USC Entrepreneur Program. Since then, Shannon has carefully guided the evolution of the company over the past twenty years into a 21st Century Studio which develops and produces film, commercials, TV, web, mobile and virtual reality projects.

Though best known for her below the line career in visual effects on over 100 of the biggest films and over 50 commercials, Shannon has crossed the line and has been a co-producer on 4 motion pictures, in addition to shorts, digital media projects, web TV shows and commercials.

Shannon is a member of the Producers Guild of America, the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO), and the Visual Effects Society.  


David Sanger - Head of Production

David Sanger, the son of Oscar-winning producer Jonathan, grew up immersed in the movie industry where he has worked behind the camera since he was 11 years old. David brings over twenty years of experience coordinating, managing and line-producing visual effects units on some of the largest scope live-action effects films of all time: including DANTE’S PEAK, ARMAGEDDON, END OF DAYS and THE GRINCH. In 2001 he joined the New Deal Studios team to become the in-house producer for practical visual effects for countless commercials, special projects and sequences on more than 80 different feature films including such Oscar-winning titles as, THE DEPARTED, HUGO, INCEPTION, LIFE OF PI, and most recently, INTERSTELLAR. David likes strong coffee, interesting socks, and giraffes. David lives in Studio City with his wife, two sons, a dog, a gecko and at least one, but sometimes several, fish.


Jeffrey Jasper - Digital FX Supervisor / CTO

After his early days working as a freelance artist and IT administrator, Jeffrey was hired by New Deal Studios in 2005 to work on the visual effects for X-MEN: THE LAST STAND as a compositor.

In 2007, Jeffrey took over as the Technical Lead and rebuilt New Deal's digital pipeline from the ground up to create a more streamlined and artist friendly workspace. This new pipeline allowed New Deal Studios to take on large projects that would normally require bigger, more complicated setups and run them just as efficiently using small, talented teams. 

Jeffrey has worked on an array of projects including NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: BATTLE OF THE SMITHSONIAN, REAL STEEL, SHUTTER ISLAND, and the award-winning HUGO where he developed additional pipelines to better integrate production design, pre-visualization and digital effects so that all the departments could use the same assets.

Since 2010, Jeffrey has been New Deal's Digital Supervisor and CTO and continues pushing the envelope as New Deal moves into new and exciting areas including Virtual Reality.



Dave Asling - Creative Director

Dave Asling joined the team at New Deal Studios as one of its Creative Directors in the spring of 2014, bringing with him over 20 years experience in creating stunning visual effects and specialty props for the film, television and advertising industries.

Prior to joining New Deal Studios, Dave was president and owner of Miniature Effects Ltd, a Vancouver-based visual effects and props fabrication company. Dave's company served the needs of both local and international productions and contributed to the nomination and awarding of numerous visual effects Academy, Emmy and Gemini Awards. Dave was also a founding member of the Visual Effects Society in Vancouver, serving on the Board of Directors for the VES's inaugural year of operation in Vancouver.

As a "hands-on" company owner and now, as a Creative Director for New Deal Studios, Dave's love of creative problem solving has led to the design and execution of hundreds of props and visual effects miniatures for countless productions, including WOLF OF WALL STREET, "Fringe", I, ROBOT, "Once Upon a Time", INTERSTELLAR, "Smallville", THE A-TEAM, THE FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER and ELYSIUM.